Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Creative Clarity Vol. 4

Happy Hump Day! ...or something like that? When did Wednesday start officially being "Hump Day"? Was it ever really "Hump Day" before we started seeing the camel commercials? Why is having a mirror on the ceiling of the elevator so entertaining? Is the New Year really only three weeks away?

I digress...

I have a list on my desk next to me of blog posts I plan to write in the coming weeks. I'll admit: I'm pretty excited. Despite being in the midst of the holiday season, I've started working on several posts on everything from yoga and travel to writing and future plans. While these are marinating in my drafts folder, I thought I'd take a few minutes to share a few (ok, many) things I've been loving lately. I realize I haven't done one of these posts since before Halloween, so please excuse my untimely holiday content. Enjoy!
Halloween party at work
Speaking of work...this is INSIDE my building. I walk through here almost every afternoon and I love it.
Atomic Coffee in downtown Royal Oak is a new favorite spot (I got an Americano - five stars!)
My mom's - aka "Nana"'s - birthday party with these two cuties. Terrible picture quality, adorable picture!
Learning Anatomy in Yoga Teacher Training has been my favorite unit so far.
My interpretation of the "Ugly Sweater". Can I wear a dress instead? With socks?
Another occasion to wear a dress: a charity event at the Townsend Hotel. Incredible evening.
Tacos & Beer at Greenspace, a vegan restaurant in Ferndale
So glad my mom talked me into buying these leggings on Black Friday (PS they're from Meijer)
Planning some things for later this month - stay tuned! (source)
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been loving lately! It's amazing how fast this year is going by but its so important to take a few minutes and reflect on the "highlights reel". 2018 has been so eventful (in both good and not-so-good ways), and it feels like its only gaining momentum heading into 2019. It's going to be a great holiday season and an incredible new year. I can't wait - three weeks to go!

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