Thursday, October 11, 2018

Creative Clarity Vol. 3

Do you ever have one of those days where it feels like everything has changed all at once? One of those days when all of the shifting and moving and getting settled finally come together and everything just kind of hits you? Maybe that makes sense, maybe it doesn't...regardless, that's where I am today. Work was nothing out of the ordinary, and yet all day I felt like I had just taken a giant leap into someone else's life. Then I ran a few errands on the way home, feeling compelled to buy some new things that aren't typically on my grocery list. I called my sister on the drive, and even catching her up on everything going on in my life sounded weird. I was literally just telling her about my life lately and nothing I was saying felt like it was really my life. But I mean all of this in the best, most positive way. It's like the life that I had been looking forward to during the many, many months in the UP has finally come together. Finally. I couldn't be happier!
I have spent so much time with my family in the past few weeks: a Harry Potter trivia night with my brother and his wife, my niece's 2nd birthday party this past weekend, a lunch date with my mom, sister-in-law, sister, niece, and nephews, visiting my Oma and helping her do laundry, and even a trip to Michigan By The Bottle with one of my aunts. It's been amazing to just be able to spend time with them whenever I have the chance! And then waking up every morning, putting on an actual outfit, doing my hair and makeup, making my lunch, and actually going in to work every day have given me so much more motivation in just about everything. I'm motivated to get enough sleep so I don't feel like a zombie all day at work. I'm motivated to talk to other people and build relationships with my coworkers. I'm motivated to save money for a new car so I can replace mine when it inevitably breaks down on me and have a way to get to work. It's been an incredible boost to my self confidence, not just sitting at home all day in yoga pants, occasionally venturing out to the gym or driving the 45 minutes to the grocery store. I've explored my new city, checking out little coffee shops, spots for lunch, and a few neat bars/pubs. I've made my apartment truly feel like home. And of course I started my Yoga Teacher Training and have this amazing six months ahead of me, six months of working towards an awesome goal. So for whatever reason, today was the day that everything just caught up to me. What better day to pick for a Creative Clarity post?

I hope you enjoy this third volume of my 'recently enjoyed things' posts. It's getting more and more difficult to narrow down the things I'm thankful for when putting these posts together, but I will certainly continue to share! 
 New favorite flavor, hands down.
 Free samples at Trader Joe's....that are 100% vegan! "Joe Joe's" are TJ's brand version of Oreo's, and whether you try these chocolate ones or the pumpkin ones, they are so yummy!
 You knew there would be yoga in this post. Trying Kundalini, doing a rooftop Vinyasa class, experiencing my first Yin class at Karma, and of course starting to read and learn everything I can about it...I'm loving it!
Building from my last point: candlelight yoga is a game changer.
 Close-up of a spaghetti squash, TVP, broccoli, zucchini, mushroom marinara dish I made the other night for dinner. Seriously phenomenal.
 Sneaking a little trip to Michigan By the Bottle with my Aunt and one of her friends - its a favorite spot of ours, and all of the wines are from Michigan wineries! (Shop local!)
 How this sweet child is already TWO, I have no idea. But I think she's loving her new trike from Nana and Papa <3
 "I don't know who you are, I don't know what you want.....but I will look for you, I will find you, and I will be your best friend." (...yes, this is a movie reference)
John came to visit, so of course we had to go to CK Mediterranean Grille (a favorite lunch spot for me and my coworkers). One of my favorite places in the area, and I definitely think he may have enjoyed it too.
The Cider House Rules - a movie I found on Netflix - was absolutely wonderful. All-star cast, amazing (emotional) storyline, and overall just a great drama to curl up and watch on a cozy fall day. Highly, highly recommend it! (image)
This quote just fits my life way too perfectly. I'm trying.
 Pretty Smoothie bowls with all of the colors...
...and pretty Smoothie bowls with a dark side.
This legitimately happened. I never found out who Jack was. I'll never know.
Counting down to Halloween! My mom likes to invite "the gang" over meaning I get to see these cute one more nephew this year! (PS has it seriously only been a year since this photo?) So, so thankful to be an aunt :) 

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