Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hi there.

Hi there.

My name is Sam and I currently live and work in the lovely state of Michigan.

I love coffee, yoga, writing (naturally), and traveling. I've been fortunate enough to spend a summer in Dublin, Ireland, where I made amazing friends from all over Europe. I love to visit them and have so far been to France, Austria, Greece, Spain, and Germany (several times). I speak English and French fluently and study Spanish and German in my free time. And recently began studying Portuguese, too (why not?) If I'm not traveling or planning a trip, you can bet I'm writing about one. Or doing some heavy Pinteresting for whatever trip is next.

If you'd like to say hello or contact me for any reason, feel free to reach me at or find me on social media:

Instagram: @She_Goes_Simply
Twitter: @She_Goes_Simply

I published my first book in December 2019, which you can find here: The Flavor of Wine

Welcome to my blog! 

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