Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Creative Clarity. Vol. 1

When I blogged in college, I didn't follow any kind of posting schedule. Instead, I had certain types of posts that I would put up periodically because they were fun to do as alternatives to the usual "paragraphs and pictures" posts. One of these was called, "Tuesday Tops" and it was a weekly recap of everything I'd been enjoying that week; small joys that let me reflect on the good things in life. Now, I don't plan on starting "Tuesday Tops" again because honestly I couldn't always think of enough things to share to make it worth an entire post. In fact, one time I remember having such an awful week that I actually called it "Tuesday Bottoms" instead (cue tiny violin). So I've decided that in rekindling the blog, I'll follow in the footsteps of one of my very favorite bloggers, Oh Dear Drea. She posts what she calls, "Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Things," or collections of photos she takes over time of things she finds beautiful, thoroughly enjoys, and wants to share. It's a fantastic concept.

Switching to a minimalist lifestyle has definitely made me appreciate the small, beautiful things even more. The few books and coffee mugs I kept are special. The things I make space for or buy all have a function and a place. There's less clutter to get in the way of what's important, so small moments and things stick out to me much more than they used to. So...naturally I've started taking pictures as I go.  And because this change has so far brought me a great deal of focus, creativity, and clarity, I thought why not incorporate these things into a post? So here it is, the first of many: Creative Clarity. My 'recently enjoyed things':
 This quote in that book.
 Discovering smoothie bowls.
 Coffee from friends <3
Cheers with friends
Obsessed with these chips and this salsa (Meijer)
Visiting St. Julian tasting room with family
 This quote. Where all my overthinkers at?

And there we have it: short, sweet, and creative clarity. Some lovely things from the past few weeks that I have truly appreciated and that have made my heart happy. Let me know what you have been enjoying lately - books, snacks, places, people, etc. - down below. Thanks for stopping by!

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